Next Intake: If you are between 13 and 17 years old come and join us on Monday 17th or Wednesday 19th Feb at 20:00. We finish at 21:30. See the contact page above for directions.

2402 Burghfield Squadron ATC

2402 (Burghfield) Squadron is part of Thames Valley Wing, in the South-West Region of the air training corps (ATC). We meet on a Monday and Wednesday night for two hours at our brand new cadet centre at the Willink school. Anyone between 13 and 17 years old (inclusive) can join, and you're able to remain a member until you're 20.

What We Do

Our core activities include shooting, flying, gliding and First Aid. Shooting is done in our 15M long tube range, underneath the Cadet Hut, but you will be expected to pass your WHT (Weapons Handling Test) before you can shoot. First Aid is required for your First Class training, namely the HeartStart course. Flying and gliding are a real experience, and are always worth putting your name down for.


The Air Training Corps

The Air Training Corps is one the UK's largest youth organisations. We offer a wide variety of opportunities to cadets across the country. Helping them to develop skills that can prove invaluable in later life in a fun but disciplined environment.



If you're thinking of joining the Air Cadets you'll be more than welcome and we'll help you all the way through your Air Training Corps life. You'll make new friends, learn and do lots of cool stuff such as flying, shooting, camps, orienteering, first aid not mention the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, sports and much much more.